Art for Science: Hand-drawn traditional and digital illustration to communicate complex biomedical concepts

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Mica Duran Studio is an Atlanta-based creative studio producing medical illustration and design services for the pharmaceutical, medical and bioscience industries. Board-certified, trained in the areas of art and science, we produce medically accurate artwork for advertising, education, publication and the courtroom.

Logo  - Certified Medical Illustrator
This is not clip art…
Every image and presentation is custom-created in collaboration to deliver our client's ideas effectively. Our small company size allows us to devote full attention to each project and be accessible to our clients. We work with your entire team — from researchers and writers to marketing and legal review — to ensure everyone is onboard with the final images. From individual surgeons to large corporations, we strive to communicate our clients' ideas with medically accurate stunning artwork.
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Portfolios of work

featured in the Directory of Illustration
and the Medical Illustration and Animation Sourcebook.

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Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry

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